The School Fees are fixed by the Board of Governors periodically. Following payments are required to be made by the parents at the time of admission in the School:

(a) School/Tuition Fee : Rs.72,600 /- (Annual)

(b) Diet Fee : Rs.31,030/-(@Rs.107 per day for 290 days)

(c) Caution Money : Rs. 3,000/-

Rs. 1,500/- (for SC/ST) Refundable

(d) Clothing Money : Rs. 27,000/-(Only Rs 20,000/- claimable as Clothing money from Scholarship, Rs 7,000/- non claimable/non refundable)

(e) Utensil Charges : Rs. 1,500/-

(f) Incidental Money : Rs.16,000/- p.a(including pocket money Rs. 3,000/-)

(g) Electricity & Gen charges : Rs. 2,300/- p.a

(h) Washing charges : Rs. 2,800/- p.a

(j) Postage Charges : Rs. 100/- p.a

(k) Insurance Premium : Rs. 1000/- (Valid for 5 years only)

(l) Entertainment charges : Rs. 200/- p.a.

(m) SMS Charges : Rs. 150/- p.a.


(i) Tution fee as shown at (a) will be increased every year by 10%.

(ii) Dietary fee as shown at (b) will be increased every year by a minimum of 10%.

(iii) Charges at (c), (d) & (e) are to be paid one time, on admission, may be revised from time to time.

(iv) Charges at (g) to (m) are subject to revision by the School from time to time.